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Get your bite on!

Posted by AppBite Team


We are finally happy to announce the launch of, your source for the top iphone apps, best free apps, iphone games and honest reviews of applications that made it big or hit rock bottom. Our development team has worked hand in hand with our creatives to make beautiful things happen, and I must say that I am thrilled by the honor they have granted me. I get to have a first bite at what we hope to become an opinion leader when it comes to the iPhone and the iPod Touch together with the next big bang after the big bang - Apple's Appstore. In the next lines, please join me while I explain the basics of our new venture.

So, what is appbite?

Appbite is a free online resource for iPhone and iPod Touch application reviews. At the very core, we want to provide the online community with a complete resource of honest and objective reviews for apps, troubleshooting tips and hot news from Apple. Behind this simple web interface is a small team of dedicated professionals with hands-on experience and first of all passion for what we do. Whether we are reviewing top iphone apps or the so-called "Fart" apps, the best iphone games or the serious iphone business apps, cool apps or lame imitations, we put a piece of ourselves in each of our reviews. It's why we know you will join us and it's why we love it even more.

For who?

We created first of all for you, our readers. We hope that as you read through our reviews, you will find a bunch of useful and entertaining information. We know you will have fun reading them, because we have fun writing them. But we also started it, because we simply love iphone apps. If you're like us, you probably have hundreds of apps right now on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Games(and lots of them), To Do lists (you can never have enough of these), News Feeders, Social Networking apps, the possibilities are literally limitless.

So be sure to follow us and become a part of our community. If you're an app developer, let us know about your product. We'd love to share our opinion with the rest of the community. If you're a hardcore user, subscribe to our lists through Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, RSS or Email. If you simply like our site and reviews, buy us a beer. If you're a devoted reader, we'd love to buy you one.

That being said, please, enjoy our website and feel free to contact us with any issues, suggestions and comments you may have. Other than that, sit back, relax and get your bite on as we bring you the top reviews for those cool iphone apps that you can't and shouldn't live without.

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  1. Frietas says:

    love it. thanks for the post. Keep it going! Thank you

  2. Hi, good post. I have been woondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your site.

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