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Mach Ball -  Evolve

Mach Ball iPhone App Review.

With Mach Ball, your task is to guide the ball to the end zone by drawing lines on the screen to reflect it and make it go the right direction. The ball is always moving and accelerating, and hitting your line at just the right angle will make it go faster, or, on the contrary, slow it down. There's ofcourse a time element involved and various bonuses for collecting items along the way. Bottom line is your highscore for completing the level in seconds.

Rapid Gameplay

The way you draw walls to reflect the ball is simple enough. Touching the iPhone's screen in two spots will draw a line on the screen between those two hotspots and the wall is thus created. Once the ball reaches it, it will reflect accordingly. The catch is that you can only draw one wall at any given time, drawing another one will erase the one created previously. Therefore, timing your drawing is another key element to take into account. Drawing as few walls as possible will make your ball move through the level faster, and therefore you'll get a higher score at the end. It's tricky however, and drawing a wall that's anything but perfect will simply throw you off.

Graphics And Sound Effects

The gameplay is accompanied by the bright and colorful graphics that make up one eye-catching game. And if the striking graphics don't convince you, then you'll simply love the background music and effects. With Mach Ball it seems that the developers thought of a simple idea, and put the effort into creating a complete experience. Graphics complement game play, game play is in tune with sounds.

A slightly low replay value

unfortunately, the game only has five levels right now, so I'm counting on the developers to roll out more. Otherwise, if you're not planning to beat your own highscore, then the game gets pretty much boring after a while. Nevetheless, the game fits well for both youngsters and professionals alike, as both will find joy in the speed and adrenaline the game provides.

The game sells at $0.99 in the AppStore, and I would recommend it for the money you're paying, especially if the developers will release updates with more levels. It's basically something I haven't seen before in the AppStore and that's to be commended.


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Mach Ball

Developer: Evolve
Category: Games
Released: November 18th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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