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My Grandma Reads Me Books iPad App Review.

Bedtime stories are probably one of the most effective ways of developing children's imagination from an early age. And they also create one of the most powerful childhood memories. No matter how old we are, we always remember our parents or grandparents' tender voices reading us over and over again the bedtime story we enjoyed the most. Unfortunately, being a busy parent doesn't always give you the time to read bedtime stories to your child. But from now on, you don't need to worry. When you aren't there, let My Grandma Reads Me Books app take care of it.

What is it?

My Grandma Reads Me Books is a great app that makes bedtime stories even more creative and engaging. Even though the app only provides one audio story, that doesn't mean that it can't be read in a limitless number of styles and voices. You can choose to let the default narrator read the story or you can record yourself while reading. And don't just stop at one personalized story. Try reading in other styles to make the story sound more interesting. Or, better yet, encourage other members of the family to record themselves. At the end of the day, just pick one of the recordings and let your child fall asleep with grandma or grandpa's voice, even if they are not in the room. Your child will still have only one story to listen to, but in so many voices and styles that it might not even sound like he is listening to the same story. And in the end, storytelling is not only about the story, but also the interpretation of it.

Also, what makes the story even more captivating are the images. With every page read, it automatically turns without any tap, revealing not static, but moving images. The effects are not as complicated as to create the illusion of watching an actual movie, but they do make the storytelling more visual and attractive.

A story within a story

But there's still more that My Grandma Reads Me Books app can do to develop your child's creativity. Even if there is only one audio story, another written one is hidden in the pages of a coloring book. This way, your child can learn another story while coloring. The images are beautifully designed and every colored pen makes a different musical sound when you tap on it, also stimulating your child's hearing. Plus, the background music that accompanies the five short sentence story makes it more captivating and easy to understand and remember it.

And the learning doesn't stop here. My Grandma Reads Me Books app also develops your child's eye to hand coordination through a fun game, where he has to reach grandma's location through a maze. With three levels, each one harder than the other, and a gyroscope control, the game is guaranteed to keep your child focused for a couple of hours.

With all these features included, it seems that the creators of My Grandma Reads Me Books have taken every detail into consideration before releasing the app. However, one thing might make the app even better than it is at this point. That would be including more audio books. It's true that children usually pick one favorite story and ask for their parents to read that and only that for thousands of times, but it would be nice to give them the chance to choose from a larger range of stories.

So next time your child asks for a bedtime story, let My Grandma Reads Me Books do the storytelling and watch your child fall asleep at the sound of your voice.


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My Grandma Reads Me Books
Developer: idig co., ltd.
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Version reviewed: 1.0
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  1. Rpolito says:

    If you’re interested in telling stories to your children but you’re hitting creative block at bedtime, there’s a cool new app that guides you through a story but leaves plenty of room for your own personality/elaboration. It’s called Shake-n-Tell and you can find it in the Apple App Store.

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