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Pdf Connoisseur - Kdan Mobile Software LTD

PDF Connoisseur iPad App Review.

Isn't it annoying when you can't make any modifications to a PDF file? When you can't make notes, or underline a word, or even copy part of the text. Sometimes, it's also complicated to convert it into a text document. And there's always a lot of text to read in these files. Wouldn't it be great if somebody could read it to you, while you carry on with other chores? Well, now, all you hated about PDFs is ancient history, and everything you only dared to dream about became reality. Because now PDF Connoisseur is here to solve all your problems. And it can be yours with a single purchase from the AppStore.

What make it special

After using PDF Connoisseur, you'll forget all about other PDF readers. Because PDF Connoisseur is not just another PDF reader, but also a tool that will help you be more productive, allowing you to focus on the real important chores of the day. PDF Connoisseur protects your files, makes converting, printing, emailing and modifying files much easier, plus it saves you the hassle of reading long, tiring texts. It's a wonder app that, simply put, makes your life easier.

From basic improvements

Let's start with the basic stuff that PDF Connoisseur does. First of all, modifying a PDF text has never been easier. With a single tap on the right button, you can print the file, rotate it, jump to a certain page, and email it. Pinch the screen or double tap to re-size the file. Tap on a text section and feel free to do all sorts of changes to it. Select words from your PDF and look them up on Wikipedia, Google or through the iOS built-in dictionary. Copy the selected text. Highlight it or underline it.

Want to add a note or a personal annotation? With PDF Connoisseur, it's as simple as it gets. Type notes or use your finger to make whatever annotations you consider useful. And this also makes it easier to sign contracts or other sorts of similar PDF files. Instead of printing, signing, scanning and emailing the document, with PDF Connoisseur, you only need to use your finger to sign, and tap on a single icon to send.

Moving on to the more special things that PDF Connoisseur allows you to do, let me just tell you that it turns converting files into a child's game. Besides being able to easily convert Word, Excel, Pages and other similar documents into PDFs, you can easily save and convert any web page. Browse the internet without having to leave the app, and save any page that you find interesting and useful. Turn it into a PDF file and start writing your annotations, or make the modifications you want. And, for safe keeping, with PDF Connoisseur, you can Password Protect any folder or file.

To pure innovation

And you haven't yet heard the best part about PDF Connoisseur. This is the Text To Speech option that does exactly what its name indicates: it converts the PDF text into speech. So, instead of wasting hours to read all those long PDF documents, now they can easily be read to you. There are 6 languages to choose from, and you can also select the reading speed. Just imagine how many things you can do in the meantime, while all these texts are being read to you. Or how useful it can prove when you're trying to learn a new language. Or when you receive a file in another language. Just convert any file into a PDF and then listen to it being read in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese or Korean, no matter the original language of the file.

I must admit that, at first, I was a bit skeptical about PDF Connoisseur. Mostly because it's pretty expensive when compared with other AppStore products. And I couldn't imagine what would make a PDF reading app so special. But after going through all the options that PDF Connoisseur has to offer, I can say, without a doubt in mind, that it's worth it. Because PDF Connoisseur really takes PDF reading to a whole new level. PDF Connoisseur is also available for the iPhone.


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PDF Connoisseur
Developer: Kdan Mobile Software LTD
Category: Business
Version reviewed: 1.2
Price: $9.99

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5 / 5

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