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Pride Prejudice Hidden Anthologies - Europress

Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies iPhone Game Review.

Nowadays, we seem more interested in reading the newest books, by upcoming authors, rather than the classics. We sometimes tend to disregard classic books and refuse to read them, mostly because we think they are outdated and boring. And when we are asked to read them in school, we prefer to watch the movie instead. So, how do you make a classic look as appealing today as it was when it first appeared? The creators of Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies might have found a solution. And now you can check it out by downloading the app from the AppStore.

What is Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies

Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies is the iPhone and iPad game that brings a classic novel back to life, making the original story more enjoyable. At its core, it is a hidden object game, but when combining the storyline, the great graphics and puzzle games, you've got so much more than that!

How about, instead of reading the story, you could actually be a part of it? What if you could help Jane find her dress and shoes in time for the ball? Or serve Mr Darcy with a cup of tea? Put together pieces of Elizabeth's diary, and reveal hidden secrets. Now, you can do all these things. Because following the characters in Pride and Prejudice has never been more captivating and fun.

Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies is all about getting to know the characters and following the plot, while you uncover secret messages and objects. The game is made up of a Novel Mode and Pastime activities. Pastime activities include jigsaw puzzles, spot the difference games, and even music challenges. However, you have to play the Novel Mode first to unlock them. And, trust me, the Novel Mode will keep you so focused and entertained that you'll look at your watch and won't believe how carried away you got by the story.

Be part of the story, as you play the game

As the story is being revealed, your job will be to collect certain items. From Notelets that follow the main characters' evolution, to pieces of paper, that put together, will make up the pages of Elizabeth's diary. Also, you'll be able to explore every room you enter. Here, you'll be required to find certain objects that you can later use to uncover other mysteries, or to help the characters in the book. While some items will be very easy to spot and use, others will almost prove impossible to discover. But there's no need to worry. If there's no possible way for you to spot a certain item or figure out what to do with it, you have a number of tips per quest, that you can use by tapping on the wax seal at the bottom of the screen.

As for design and music, the game will make you feel even more like a character in Pride and Prejudice. From the beautiful, complex images to the classic background tune, everything takes you to another time, when men and women got married according to status and their parents' will.

All in all, it's always nice to see a game like Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies in the AppStore. I must admit that I also loved the original version of the book. But I think that this version will please even the harshest critic of classic novels, the one who doesn't even want to give these books a chance. Well, now I think she will. And I think she'll be surprised to see just how beautiful Pride and Prejudice is. And how similar the characters are to us, although they've been created two centuries ago.


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Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies
Developer: Europress
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: $5.99

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