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Run, Rat, Ruuun!

Posted by AppBite Team
Rat on the run - Donut Games

Rat On The Run iPhone App Review.

Thought Ratatouille was fun? Well, you'll like Ratty too then. In the new game Rat On The Run, you need to get Ratty in perfect shape for the winter by fattening him up with all the cheese you can get your paws on. This is no easy task mind you. You need to watch out for spiders, slimy blobs and other baddies who'd rather see Ratty as a lab rat.

The gamestyle should strike you pretty familiar to Super Mario Brothers. Ratty runs around a maze avoiding the traps and collecting cheese. This may sound a little boring and of-so-not-original, but I've enjoyed my time with this iPhone game, and I'd recommend it as a good time-waster.

The twist with Rat On The Run however is in the control of Ratty. Once you start out the level, you're required to press the screen to make Ratty start moving. Once you've tapped, there's no going back, in a way. Ratty will not stop moving until it reaches a "Stop" sign, and the only way to make Ratty avoid obstacles is to make it jump (again by tapping the screen). The controls are impressively responsive and well implemented, and they also work well with the gameplay. Once you reach a "Stop" sign, then Ratty stops and you can choose to go either left or right, by tapping one of the halves of the screen.

As for enemies, you'll be facing fire traps, spiking blades, poison blobs and nasty spiders. They can all be avoided by jumping and/or bouncing off a wall. Eating a piece of cheese will get you that much closer to 100% life, but the life bar will constantly decrease as you move through the maze. If you get hit by an enemy, it shoots down a full 50%, and if you're already below 50%, you lose a life or the game is over.

There are 3 modes of play with Rat On The Run: Arcade, Challenges and a bonus level. In Arcade mode, you guide Ratty through the game's 8 levels, collecting cheese blocks. The puzzles and challenges are set up in such a way to make it a little addictive, maybe borderline stressful, as it can prove to be quite difficult to move through the stages and stay alive long enough.

For those hardcore gamers out there, Rat On The Run lets you compete in challenges as well. Your score here will be based on how fast you move through the mazes. The idea is the same, but you have fewer lives to waste to get to the end of the game.

The kick-ass game however is Rat On A Scooter. The object here is simple. Drive your rat on the scooter by jumping from platform to platform, picking up cheese blocks along the way. Fall in between platforms or miss a jump, and you're out of the game. This has got to be the most addicting game mode of Rat On The Run. Your scooter will speed up periodically, so it's up to you to recognize these speed-ups and time your jumps accordingly.

Rat On The Run does give you a cool taste of classic arcade style games, combined with a pinch of puzzles and mazes. The graphics are pretty cute and cartoonish, perfect for the game style, while still being super-polished, one of the best aspects of the game. Sound effects astound as well, the rat squeaks when it hits an enemy, and the background music is very dramatic. Again, perfect for the arcade nature of the game.

One of the main things missing from Rat On The Run is a clear storyline to go with the great game style. other than that, I'd like to see developers put this much effort into any game out there in the AppStore, making apparently simple games stand out above all others. Bottom line, great job with Rat On The Run. The game is currently on sale for free, for an unknown period of time.


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Rat On The Run

Developer: Donut Games
Category: Games
Released: July 12th, 2009
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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