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Enter the Curious World Where Learning is Always Fun

By Maria Poeana   August - 8 - 2014    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

Kids want to have fun. What am I saying? Everyone wants to have fun. We want to play games instead of doing boring chores. Watch a movie instead of going to the office. Dance a little instead of going to a formal business meeting. Unfortunately, most of the time, we don’t have the luxury to do the fun stuff instead of the boring ones. And until there’s an app to make even the most boring chore look fun, we’ll just have to make do with what we got. But that shouldn’t also apply to our children now, should it?

The creators of Curious World sure believe that everything can be made fun. At least for a child. Even if we’re talking of one of the most boring chores for a child, which is learning. And Curious World is one of those beautiful, magical apps that turns everything into a playful, colorful activity. The goal: make your [...]

Learn A New Language The Duolingo Way!

By Bogdan Lazar   November - 14 - 2013    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

I was in Germany last summer and those people don’t speak a word of English. I had a very hard time getting around and while this may not be the case in every city in Germany, it gave me a reason to enhance my own vocabulary with some basic German. There are many ways to go about learning a new language and my first instinct was to take some courses, which I actually am right now. They’re very basic and I kinda feel treated like in kindergarten. Which is good most of the time, but in a course with many other students, you need to follow the pace of the slowest in the class. I’m glad to say I’m not the slowest, so I looked at other ways to enhance my German skills outside of class. And I came across Duolingo on my iPhone. The App Store has quite a few apps that teach you another language, but none are quite as reliable [...]

Dinorama Turns Entepreneurship Into A Child’s Game

By Maria Poeana   October - 18 - 2013    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

FarmVille, CityVille, CastleVille and other similar games have proved to be a great success with us, grown-ups as well as adults. And that’s exactly what the creators of Dinorama are counting on. Dinorama is available for free this week only and is bound to guarantee both fun and education.

Dinorama is the result of a park building game meeting dinosaurs and the already legendary game called Pou. Your child’s job is to take care of the dinos in his zoo, and expand his business. And although business, expansion and time management don’t sound like words a child would use, I honestly think Dinorama would get them hooked immediately.

To start off, it doesn’t feel like you’re struggling to build and develop a business. It looks like you’re just following a set of fun and easy rules. Children love Pou, and they have to follow rules there, as well. Clean Pou [...]

Teaching Your Child How The Human Body Works Has Never Been Easier

By Maria Poeana   September - 25 - 2013    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

Explaining to your child how the human body works can prove to be a really tough job. It’s hard enough to explain to an adult what’s going on inside of his body when being faced with a medical condition. So, you can only imagine how hard it is to make your child understand all this. But since seeing is usually more effective than being told about something, The Human Body app helps you do just that: show your child how the human body works, instead of telling him.

The Human Body is incredible. It’s so interactive and well designed that it won’t only help your child better understand what’s going on with his body, but you’ll also get a better sense of the things going on inside your own. From brain to heart, from lungs to bones, from eye to ear, The Human Body gives you all the necessary tools to help you get a better view of just how your [...]

Let Your Child Learn With Homer Today

By Maria Poeana   September - 15 - 2013    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

I am a sucker for Education apps. I just find them extremely useful, and can’t help from wondering how easy it would have been for me, as a kid, to learn all sorts of stuff if I had access to these apps. And just when I think there can’t be more to an Education app than I’ve already seen, I come across yet another great, innovative app. Learn With Homer has got me absolutely mesmerised.

Learn With Homer is a great all-in-one app that helps your child easily learn letters and sounds. It’s also a beautiful story collection. A fun activity collection. And a fascinating encyclopedia. It makes learning just so much fun!

Story time is better with Learn With Homer. You can choose from all sorts of different types of stories, like poetry, folklore, folk songs, nursery rhymes and also original Homer [...]

More Than Words: Dictionary and Thesaurus for iPad

By Maria Poeana   May - 24 - 2013    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

For most of us, the App Store is all about Games, Books, Entertainment, Social Networking, some Utility apps, plus Travel and Food, when you’re planning a trip or a night out. I really don’t know if any of my friends have any Reference apps on their devices. And to my shame, I must admit for a long time I didn’t even know there was a Reference category in the AppStore. If only I knew about these apps when I had to write my Dissertation Paper. Researching would have been so much easier.

There are a lot of interesting Reference apps. From search engines to all sorts of dictionaries, guides, and an extremely cool family tree app, I found everything here extremely useful. But what caught my eye was a dictionary. Imagine that! Something so ordinary as a dictionary. Except there’s nothing ordinary about Dictionary and Thesaurus for [...]

The Perfect Story For The Night Before Christmas

By Maria Poeana   December - 23 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

The night before Christmas is definitely the most magical night of the year. The tree with its beautiful ornaments, all those delicious dishes cooking in the oven, the milk and cookies, the smell of apple and cinnamon, the decorations, the carols…all these things make Christmas look like a fairytale. And what better way to spend the night before Christmas than reading to your child one of the most beautiful Christmas stories of all time: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. Now available in the AppStore, as part of Blackfish Children’s Books.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas is a magical story your child can now enjoy even more than before. Because, with this e-book, the graphics are better, the story is more interactive, and the beautiful message of the story isn’t the only thing your child is going to remember after reading [...]