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An Entire Book Library Just For Your Child

By Maria Poeana   December - 14 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

Children today have all sorts of stuff to keep them occupied and help them learn interesting things, while having fun. Movies. Interactive e-books. Games. Magazines. Plus all kinds of devices that come in handy when learning something new. And now, Blackfish Children’s Books brings them yet another fun learning tool.

At first, I expected Blackfish Children’s Books to be just another e-book, part of a collection that teaches children useful stuff through beautiful images and interactive games. But Blackfish Children’s Books is so much more. It’s an entire library, where you can download or purchase all sorts of fun and educational e-books for your child.

With iBooks, you can purchase or download all sorts of books. With Newsstand, every magazine you could dream of. And now, Blackfish Children’s Books brings us a library [...]

Learn How To Brush Your Teeth From The Tooth Monster

By Maria Poeana   October - 18 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

One of the first things you learn as a child, way before reading, writing, and even how to dress yourself, is the importance of having clean and healthy teeth. And although there are so many yummy tasting toothpastes and funny looking tooth brushes out there, sometimes it’s hard to make your child develop a habit out of brushing his teeth. But what if there was an interactive story that didn’t only teach them how to brush their teeth, but also make it appealing to them by turning tooth-brushing into a funny experience? This is what Tooth Monster is all about.

Tooth Monster is one of those cute and smart e-books, designed to teach children useful stuff, while keeping them focused with a captivating story. Tooth Monster is a book. It’s a collection of games. It’s got funny songs and silly characters. It’s interactive. It’s [...]

TAB the bat and other children stories take shape in Joy Tales

By Bogdan Lazar   September - 4 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   2 Comments

Children love stories and they always want you to read a new one for bedtime. With the iPad, you can browse through hundreds of apps and stories that will save you the time of making up those once upon a time stories. And Joy Tales are just that, tales that will surely make your child fall asleep peacefully every night. The app is available only for the iPad and it features one free story (TAB the bat) and 11 more original ones that you can download via InApp purchase.

The story of TAB the bat begins in the castle upon the hill. TAB is a white bat amongst a family of black bats and through a series of animated scenes, he will learn that being different has its advantages. The story is cute and inventive, without complicating the storyline too much though. It’s definitely suited for children ages 2 to 4.

You can choose to read the story page-by-page [...]

Have Fun In The Country With The Perky Pranksters

By Maria Poeana   May - 4 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   1 Comment

Genie, Dapper and Rex form a unique group of pranksters. They’re fun, loving animals, who prove that there’s no reason why cats and dogs shouldn’t get along. And even if Genie and Dapper, the two spirited cats, are always up to something, Rex the dog is always there to look after them, and sometimes get carried away in their pranks. Now they are all on their way to the country, and, knowing them, there’s no doubt that they’ll come back with a lot of stories to tell. So, if you want to find out all the pranks that these funny characters pulled off on their trip, download Perky Pranksters: Have Fun in the Country, and enjoy their great stories together with your child.

Perky Pranksters is a both fun, and educational e-book for children. It’s all about these three spirited characters and the crazy things they do. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, so all I’m saying is that in this edition, Genie, Dapper and Rex will find out that life in the [...]

Join Biscuit’s Birthday And Find Out His Story

By Maria Poeana   March - 21 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   1 Comment

Balloons, presents and friends gathered together, singing Happy Birthday. This is all you need to throw a great birthday party for someone. But when that someone is a playful little puppy, things might not go exactly as planned. If you want to find out more, get Biscuit’s Birthday from the AppStore, and read all about this adorable pup’s special day in this children’s book.

Biscuit’s Birthday is a beautiful book for all children, no matter if they’re just learning to read or they’re looking for a nice story to enjoy. From the wonderful graphics to the funny plot, Biscuit’s Birthday is guaranteed to bring a smile to any reader’s face. Plus, it’s also extremely helpful, its main purpose being to help your child improve his reading, while enriching his vocabulary.

Similar to other books for children, Biscuit’s Birthday allows your child [...]

Hide Run Growl Makes Reading More Fun

By Maria Poeana   February - 2 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   2 Comments

Deep inside the jungle, there lives a tiger cub, that today must learn how to hunt. His mommy is hurt, so it’s his turn to take care of her, protect her, and feed her. But he is so tiny and sweet. What could he possibly be able to hunt? Follow this tiny cub as he is trying to learn how to hunt, and find out just how important it can be to find a friend that you can rely on. Buy Hide Run Growl from the AppStore and watch your kid get mesmerized by this wonderful story.

Hide Run Growl is a children’s e-book, that helps them learn new words, while reading or listening to the story as it is being read to them. If your child enjoyed Open Wide Snap, then you’ll be happy to hear that Hide Run Growl is actually part of the same collection. And being created by the same team of developers makes it as enjoyable and fun as Open Wide Snap. The book [...]

Video Baby Takes Watching Videos To Another Level

By Maria Poeana   December - 19 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

How many times did you find yourself complaining to other parents about the videos that your children watch on TV or on the Internet? It’s hard enough to keep track on what they’re watching when you’re at home, and sometimes impossible while you’re at work. But now, you can give him another option, a better option, one that you can have total control over. Enter Video Baby on the AppStore.

Video Baby is the app that both you, and your child will enjoy. With it, you can control what videos your child is watching, and he can enjoy watching his favorite videos in a fun format, especially designed for him. All you need to do is create a profile and start adding as many playlists and videos as you like. And the great part is that you can add as many profiles as you like, too. So, each one of your children can have his [...]