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Tooth Monster HD - JINIBINI

Tooth Monster HD iPad App Review.

One of the first things you learn as a child, way before reading, writing, and even how to dress yourself, is the importance of having clean and healthy teeth. And although there are so many yummy tasting toothpastes and funny looking tooth brushes out there, sometimes it's hard to make your child develop a habit out of brushing his teeth. But what if there was an interactive story that didn't only teach them how to brush their teeth, but also make it appealing to them by turning tooth-brushing into a funny experience? This is what Tooth Monster is all about.

Tooth Monster is one of those cute and smart e-books, designed to teach children useful stuff, while keeping them focused with a captivating story. Tooth Monster is a book. It's a collection of games. It's got funny songs and silly characters. It's interactive. It's helpful. And it's patiently waiting for you in the AppStore.

Tooth Monster makes reading enjoyable

Like other similar e-books, Tooth Monster is all about making reading as enjoyable as possible. Your child can have the story read by a speaker, or you can record yourself reading. Once your child gets familiarized with the story, he can read it himself. Also, he can be an active part of the story by flipping the pages and controlling the characters as the images suggest. And to make the story even more enjoyable, there are also a couple of songs that will be played as the story is being read. This doesn't only improve your child's memorization skills, but it also makes it easy for him to remember why it's important to brush his teeth.

Brushing teeth can be fun

Another thing that gets your child even more involved are the descriptions of the characters. At any time during the story, you can tap on the Character icon, and let your child know all about the main characters that appear in front of him. And what can make the experience even more fun? Well, games, of course. After playing the Brushing Teeth game a couple of times, your child will know how to properly brush his teeth even better than you do! In the meantime, the Hide-and Seek and The Plaque War games will get him even more hooked, as he tries to spot different characters or clean dirty spots between teeth.

Now, the Tooth Monster has pretty much all the features that other e-books have. But what I liked the most about the Tooth Monster is the story. Because, let's be honest: brushing his teeth isn't one of the most exciting activities for a child. And Tooth Monster makes it exciting.


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tooth monster hd

Tooth Monster HD
Developer: JINIBINI
Category: Books
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: $4.99

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5 / 5

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