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Mix It Up with 50 Cent

By AppBite Team   November - 18 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   No Comments

50 Cent teamed up with Vitamin Water to release the artist’s first iPhone app that lets you mix his most recent single Baby By Me.

The song is stripped to the bare bones into various stems (bass, drum, keyboard, snare, chorus) to let you play around with these and create your own variation of Baby By Me. Simply tapping the selected instrument will make it play, so mixing it up is fairly easy for non-professionals such as myself. The technology behind it, mobile digital entertainment studio Moderati’s Romplr remix platform, has been used before by recording artists, such as Soulja Boy, the main difference being that 50 will only let you mix his hot new single, while the latter gives you a couple of songs from his own repertoire for you to play with. [...]

Put your hands up with bChamp

By AppBite Team   June - 12 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   1 Comment

Following TechCrunch’s presentation for bChamp, the iPhone App that does all the beatboxing your voice can’t handle, one of our testers quickly purchased the app, and he couldn’t have been more happier with the result. He’s an 8 Mile fan, and wouldn’t you believe it, he has no talent at beatboxing, but the bChamp app for the iPhone and iPod Touch made him one dope rapper.

The Dutch development team at Monodomo came up with a nice idea for an app that is able to recognize specific sounds you make with your voice and amplify them to create powerful beats. The app is able to recognize three specific sounds anyone can make with their voice. Saying “k” as in “cabbage” into the mic will result into a snare-like sound coming out of the iPhone. “B” as in “bogus” gives a kickdrum, while the Hit-Hat is obtained by saying “t” with your teeth closed.

Pump up that tune with Melodica

By AppBite Team   June - 3 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   1 Comment

With Melodica from iPhone developers CandyCane, the makers of Fuzzle, you don’t need to be the new Mozart, although this little musical gem will let you play that little crazy genius on the keyboard. This app is the iPhone matrix synthesizer to keep around when all you need is a nice break and have some good old fashioned fun, whether a composer, music lover or a simple bystander.

No song sheets or tabs are necessary, and even if you’re a novice or the next Mozart, you can have endless fun with this little gadget. The idea behind this iPhone app is simple and all it takes is some rhythmical tapping on a number of squares, lights will pop up letting you know a note will be played at that point. Just plug in your headphones and start tapping the boxes to create your masterpiece. It’s so simple, we believe anyone can do it, and the iPhone app, although definitely incomparable to FruityLoops, comes as close as possible to making pretty nice beats with its limited tone sets.

Catch that catchy tune with Midomi

By AppBite Team   May - 6 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   3 Comments

Picture this. You wake up on morning, turn on the radio, and there’s that song again. You know it’s going to haunt you all day now. You get to your car, start tapping the steering wheel along with the tune now stuck in your head for good. You get to the office still humming that chorus. And you still don’t know what song it is, or even who’s singing it, even at least one tiny bit of clue of what you’ve been singing the whole day. Well, look no further, Midomi for iphone has the exact answer for you.

The development team at Melodis created Midomi, a free iphone app that listens to your favorite music and identifies the song and artist, displaying various information about it, such as artist and album information, release year, lyrics, related YouTube videos. With its Sound2Sound Search Engine, the app needs 10 seconds or less to identify a song, and minimizing the background noise (such as humming along or talking over the song) does help Midomi do the job in under 7 seconds, which this music lover found pretty amazing.