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The World Is What You Make It From PhotoPieces

By Bogdan Lazar   September - 15 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   1 Comment

Taking pictures is no longer just a means of creating visual memories. We like to share them on social networks and get as many likes as we can from the people who see them. But with so many pictures being posted daily, how can you make your picture stand out in the crowd? The answer may lie with the new PhotoPieces app from the AppStore.

PhotoPieces helps you take fun pictures using templates. You don’t remember how long it has been since you last posted a picture on your profile, because all you did in the past months was work, work and work some more? Take a minute off, look around your office and snap a couple of pictures.

PhotoPieces will present you in turn with shapes based on the template you choose. For each shape, just point and shoot. The app takes care of the cropping, and after a couple of more snaps, you’re presented with [...]

Inner Peace Through The iPhone’s Speakers

By Bogdan Lazar   August - 28 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   1 Comment

This is no magic app, there’s no hocus-pocus involved and it’s definitely not a make-believe app. Healing Waves is the iPhone app to have around when you’re troubled, stressed and generally need soothing. The app itself may not do much, it may not have a great design, great functionality and it may even be sluggish at times. But what you’re paying for is the music.

When working, I often pop in some chillout music like Enigma or Enya. It’s really calming, takes the stress away as if by magic and I tend to forget that what I do is actually work, and hence cannot be appropriately labelled relaxing.

Healing Waves proposes a new type of music, which may not be suited for a work environment, but as I’m writing this review, words just seem to flow on the page while listening to tracks from Clifford White’s Ascension album.

The app proposes six relaxing tracks selected [...]

It’s Show And Tell On The iPad

By Bogdan Lazar   August - 9 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   2 Comments

Let’s say you have an idea and you want to share it. You start telling others what it is about and after wasting time and words, you realize that they just don’t see it. That’s when Visualize steps in and helps you let others see what you can, because sometimes it’s easier to show than to tell.

All you need to do is download the app and start spreading your vision. Press the “Add” button to add a project and have fun with it. Use the different options at the bottom of the screen to make your ideas come alive.

The “Gallery” button lets you choose from a wide range of elements to start your project. If you choose to add a sticker, you can import pictures from your camera or albums and then use them. You can also add a whole bunch of other elements like speech bubbles, stationaries, shapes and arrows, icons and symbols or frames. Visualize provides [...]

CineXPlayer – Videos without conversion pain

By Scott Golby   June - 15 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo, Productivity & Utilities   No Comments

Need a video & movie player with support for more file formats? Then CineXPlayer from NXP Software might be for you, supporting .Xvid, .mov, .m4p & .avi.

Create Slideshows Of Your Photos With Amoveo

By Bogdan Lazar   May - 26 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   5 Comments

Amoveo iPhone App Review.

With the huge surge in apps that make use of your photos and let you take photos and share them with your friends right from your iPhone (Instagram, I’m looking at you), I always wanted to see an app that would let me create beautiful slideshows of all the photos that I’m [...]

Mash Up Your Favorite Songs With Mix&Mash

By Bogdan Lazar   April - 25 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   No Comments

Mix & Mash is like having a DJ in your pocket! reads the AppStore description for Mix&Mash

How Do You SingIt?

By Bogdan Lazar   March - 31 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   No Comments

It’s now time for you singers out there to feast your eyes on another attempt to create the ultimate Karaoke app. After last week’s Karaoke Now, it’s time for SingIt to have a shot at the big title.

SingIt is relatively different from Karaoke Now, because it doesn’t require you to have or buy any special karaoke music. The app works great with any song from your entire iPod music library. With that, however, comes a price. Your own voice is recorded on top of the original song, so you’re basically doing a classic sing-along.

To make it work, simply start up the app, but make sure there are songs in your music library on your device. Choose a song to sing along to, then press record. You’ll get a classic countdown from 3, and then the red “On Air” button lights up. The music starts and you have to know the lyrics and when to start singing.

With these things in mind, SingIt is not really a karaoke app. You can choose any song on your iPhone, as long as you know the lyrics, and sing [...]