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Record Audio Reminders with EZBuzz

By Maria Poeana   October - 26 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   No Comments

We all use reminders. Whether we write things down on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge, or use our phone’s calendar or a special app, our busy schedule makes us need reminders, because our memory is already too flooded with information. And for those of you who haven’t yet found the right app to help you remind what you need, EZBuzz can be the right fit for you.

EZBuzz is the app that makes adding reminders simpler. The trick is that instead of writing down what you need to remember, you can record it. Just choose the day and the hour when you want EZBuzz to remind you something, double tap on the screen and record yourself telling EZBuzz what to remind you. Save it and go back to work. When the time comes, EZBuzz will be sure to buzz you with your set reminder.

But although audio recording your reminders is EZBuzz’s main function, it’s [...]

Beep Me Beeps You When You Need To

By Bogdan Lazar   October - 4 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   2 Comments

If you always forget the milk when you go shopping, you clearly need a reminder. And no, Remember the milk is not the only option out there, albeit it might be one of the better known apps for actually remembering things. For a glimpse at an alternative to the native Clocks and Calendar app from iOS (not 5), you should check out Beep Me, or in its full name, Reminders and tasks made easy with Beep Me. Yes, that’s a long name, longer than what we’re used to. Let’s just call it Beep Me for the purpose of this review.

At its core, Beep Me is a quick way to jot down reminders on your iPhone for daily use. It aims to substitute calendar and alarm functions that the iPhone natively provides by successfully putting the two together in one neatly-designed app.

The quickest way to set up and alarm is to open the app, jot down a quick note that will be [...]

Turn Your iPad In A Digital Hub For Documents Of All Types

By Bogdan Lazar   October - 3 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   No Comments

Turn your iPad in a digital hub for documents of all types. The title is not an overstatement. It’s not me overrating an app or promoting something just because the developer advertised it in the AppStore description. Organidoc HD can really turn your iPad in a digital hub for documents of all types. Albeit lacking document editing features, the iPad app will enable you to carry pretty much every type of document of importance to you, be it a PDF, a MS Word document, a Powerpoint presentation (or its Keynote counterpart), text files, web files, archives, photos and even videos.

It’s really striking how well the app makes use of the available real-estate on the iPad. Every button seems to have a purpose and to have been carefully placed on the screen, resulting in a great user experience. You don’t need an operation manuals to get the hang [...]

Wanna Watch PowerPoint Presentations On Your Device? So Do We!

By Bogdan Lazar   September - 21 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   1 Comment

Powerpoint presentations have become such an effective way to share your thoughts that they are being used both for professional and personal purpose. Kanda understood the importance of these presentations and decided that you should be able to access them whenever and wherever. Using their iPhone and iPad app (a universal application) and a MS Powerpoint plugin you can broadcast your desktop slideshow right to your mobile devices.

The Powerpoint plugin is free to download from the Kanda website. It’s just as easy to instal as well. Next you create the Powerpoint presentations as you normally would. When you want to share it with someone else (with a Kanda MobileCast account), you go to the Kanda MobileCast menu option and broadcast it to all user or to a select few (you’ll be asked to enter one account at least).

The developers also brag that [...]

A Text Editor For The Rest Of Us

By Bogdan Lazar   September - 17 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   No Comments

You use your iPad daily to read the latest news, surf the Internet, download apps and games. But the iPad is so much more, magical or not. Whether you are a professional writer or not, Daedalus is the app that will make you enjoy writing on your iPad.

If you’re into simplicity and minimalism, then Daedalus is the right choice for you. It may very well be the best choice on the iPad. As I writer, I generally want a text editor that will not let its interface get in the way of my writing. I don’t want to feel that it’s there. Apple created a phenomenal way to read on the iPad and called it iBooks. The iPad was missing a phenomenal way to explore writing and I believe Daedalus has definitely brought it to life.

The first thing you will notice with Daedalus is the lack of the complex technical aspects of other text editors. You have no [...]

Spice up your mornings with Ace Alarm

By Bogdan Lazar   September - 16 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   No Comments

The sound of the alarm buzzing in the morning must be one of the most annoying sounds. Ever. And we have grown so accustomed to those default alarm ringtones that even the sound of them makes us angry, even if we hear them in the middle of the day. But now there is a solution for eliminating those annoying sounds. And ALmu is just the app that can help you do it.

When that alarm goes off, every morning feels like a Monday morning, and we all know how much we hate Monday mornings. ALmu is the alarm that wakes you up in the morning without pissing you off. The magic trick is that it allows you to choose the sound that you want to hear first when you wake up. Whether you want a powerful rock song to make you jump out of bed or a mellow ballad that will give you a soft push, with ALmu you can select your favorite song to be your wake up call.

But the songs in your [...]

Crack up in laughter with iCrack

By Bogdan Lazar   September - 7 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   1 Comment

The first rule when buying a touch screen device is: don’t crack it. Because once you did, there’s not much you can still do with it. But doesn’t something get more attractive when it’s forbidden? No, we’re not implying that you should smash your phone on the walls. Well, at least not literally. With iCrack you can bend the rules, without actually breaking your phone.

iCrack’s only feature is simulating the cracking of your iPhone’s screen. How you use this, it’s up to you. For those of you who like playing tricks on your friends, iCrack is a source of fun that is limited only by the number of friends you have. All you have to do is set the app to crack your screen at a single tap, and hand it over to your friend. As soon as he touches the screen, you will hear a crack and that’s when the fun can begin.

But touching the screen isn’t the only thing that [...]