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This is the fourth room that you’ll find yourself in - entitled “Hope.” If you want to take a look at our walkthrough of the Third Room you can find it via the link. So fire up your Escape The Room 2 game and let’s go!

In Room 4, you’ll have to deal with the easiest and most difficult puzzle so far. It’s the easiest because it has to do with some basic Math. It’s the most difficult, because you first have to spot where to use the Math skills. So let’s get going!

Things you'll need

As always, let’s first pick up the objects you’ll need to solve the puzzle and escape the room. In two of the lockers located on the south wall you will find a hammer and a die. In a cup, on the desk right near the blackboard, you’ll find a cutter (seems like the cutter is in every room so far, doesn’t it?) and on the blackboard a piece of chalk. This room doesn’t have too many items for you to work with, so after you get that piece of chalk, you’re pretty much done.


If you examine the mirror on the south-east wall, you’ll see that there are some scribbles on it, but nothing you can make out without a bit of magic dust. And by magic dust I mean chalk dust. Go to your inventory and mix the cutter with the chalk to get chalk powder. Use the powder on the mirror and you’ll get a four digit number.

Naturally, you now run to the safe located in the northwest and use the combination on it. But, alas, to your disappointment, that’s not the right code. And of course, this where the puzzle lies. You actually need one more piece of the puzzle to put two and two together.

Go to the desk near the mirror with the code on it and use the magnifying glass on it. You’ll see that the desk is scribbled as well, but those scribbles don’t make much sense. You have four circles of different styles and four numbers next to each. To be sure, jot down those combos or, if you’re following with the game in front of you, here they are:

- fully colored circle = 1
- empty circle = 2 (nevermind the “x”)
- circle within a circle = 3
- circle with a dot = 4


It's puzzle time

So, to recap, this is what you have: one four digit combination. One weird combination of circles and numbers. One die. You might notice that the four digit combination only contains digits that are lower than or equal to 6. And a die has 6 faces. We’ve played enough Escape The Room 2 to know that’s not a coincidence, so here’s the solution.

Every one of the four digits in the combination on the mirror represents one of the four sides of the six the die has. If the combination is 5412 then you have to look at the side of the die with 5 dots on it, the side with 4, the side with 1 and the side with 2.

Think of the die as the map, the four digit combination as coordinates on the map and the weird circles and numbers combination as the key to the puzzle at each coordinate. Your first task is to find each coordinate on the map. Your second task is to decipher the code at each coordinate. With the circles and their meaning in front of you, it’s time for your basic Math skills. For each coordinate, replace each circle with its number equivalent and add them up.

Four coordinates will make up four new numbers, which make up a new four digit combination. This is the real key to the safe.


An alternative method to this is to first jot down on a piece of paper the sum you get by adding up the number-circle equivalents on each of the six sides of the die. You would get a key value pair like the following: side 1 - the number 3, side 2 - the number 6, side 3 - the number 8, side 4 - the number 4, side 5 - the number 7, side 6 - the number 9.

Then the code in the mirror is much easier to match. If you have code 5412, the safe combination is side 5, side 4, side 1, side 2, so 7463. This is just an example, your combination will be different. It’s a complex puzzle that required attention and not really anything else.

Once you open the safe, you get a heart-shaped key with which you can open the locker with a heart on it. You’ll get an envelope, which you will need to separate in your inventory and read. Once you finish reading, you’ll get a key with which you will be able to open the door and exit the room…


It's not the end, yet

…Only to enter another one. In here, you will see to the east a door with a heart-shaped hole next to it. Once you touch the hole, a conversation with Maggie takes place and you end up going back to the previous room to pick up the heart on the desk (the one you couldn’t pick up earlier). But as soon as you do, the door closes and you hear Maggie screaming. You throw things at the door and around the room, faint and when you wake up the blackboard is half smashed in. Use the hammer to finish the job and walk through the hole. You’re home free!

Extra things to watch for

That hammer is one nifty piece of tool. You can use it to break a lot of things in the two rooms. But never, NEVER, break the mirror with the code on it. That will get you killed instantly. Instead, you can break the three windows to the west. Inside the middle one, there’s another golden key for you.

Also, when you first find yourself in the room and you finish your conversation with Maggie, pick up the jigsaw puzzle from the book on the desk. I;m actually curious as to what you can actually do with these...

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  1. roh says:

    I had the code 5412 (same as the sample) to solve, so I put the code 7463 but it wasn't the right code.

  2. Ricardo Corder says:

    I dont get it. The results of adding up the values of sides 1 and 3 makes sense to me, but the others doesn't, in side 6, there's 5 black balls (each 1 adds 1 right?) and one white one (adds 2?) so to me it´s a 7, not a 9

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