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Hey, Where Are You?

Posted by AppBite Team
Hey Way - Niftybrick Software

HeyWAY iPhone App Review.

HeyWAY, short for Hey Where Are You, is an interesting development in location services, that makes use of the iPhone's OS 3.0 push notification spiced up with a handful of social networking options to keep track of where your friends, family and colleagues are, or keep them up to date with where you are at the moment.

The app was intended to keep you in touch with family members, friends or even co-workers, but the truth is there are limitless opportunities when using this seemingly simple iPhone app. Whether you're running late for a business meeting, forgot where that all-important date was or want to keep a check on your kids when they're out clubbing, HeyWAY gives you all you need: one simple interface built for easy access, an enhanced set of features built on top of the iPhone's OS 3.0, all packaged into one great app.

Once you'd like to know where your best friend is, simply send a "Hey, Where Are You?" alert requesting their location. The app will automatically log the different location updates for each of your friends, so going back and retracing their steps will always be available. And with the use of the embedded maps, which can be either in satellite, road or hybrid view, fully navigable using the iPhone's now-familiar panning and zooming controls, tracking down your friends, coworkers or family becomes that much easier.

The developers say that HeyWAY keeps confidential information private, as others cannot access your location updates without your explicit permission. They note that this is an inherent feature of the SDK, which prohibits third party apps from releasing info without the user's permission. The issue goes both ways, as others cannot track your location, and you cannot receive their updates without them allowing it.

The kick-ass feature of HeyWAY is that, unlike similar services such as Google Latitutde, this iPhone app really makes use of the Push Notification service from OS 3.0, so notifications you send to or receive from your friends are delivered straight away, even if the app is not running on the device.

HeyWAY comes in a free version and a PRO release with enhanced features and no annoying advertising. The PRO version is available for purchase in the AppStore for $0.99.


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Developer: Niftybrick Software
Category: Navigation
Released: September 28th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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