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Perfect Slice HD iPad App Review.

Perfect Slice HD is a cute and addictive game for the iPad where you swipe your finger to bisect random objects in two.

When we first were sent the request to review Perfect Slice HD we glanced at the screenshots and thought "hmmm, looks a lot like Cut the Rope or Fruit Ninja ". While Perfect Slice HD does have the same type of cuteness in it's graphical style it's a much different game mechanic.

Basic Features & Gameplay

  • Divide the object on the screen 50% / 50%
  • Swipe your finger to bisect
  • Straight line and Free form cutting
  • Cute & Nostalgic HD Graphics

The premise is pretty simple, place the line so the surface area in the item is evenly divided in 1/2 to the left and right. Trick comes in a couple of areas, some objects are lop sided, making picking out the surface area coverage not as easy as it looks.

Graphic Nostalgia
The choice of pictures to display is quite eccentric, a lot seem to come from the 8bit Computer era, I'm sure one graphic was a Z80.

Cutting Modes
There are 2 basic modes, Straight Line & Free form (wiggling line). The Straight Line is easiest to use, just make a single swipe across your iPad's screen, but the downside is its harder to balance lop sided objects. Free form takes more finger dexterity but we think adds to the challenge and variety of the game. You can mix things up by giving a flick and a bit of flare to cutting.

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Points & Achievements
Perfect Slice HD awards stars, the more the closer you are to the magic 50%/50% Perfect Slice. The stars are tallied to progress to the next level. OpenFeint is supported in the app for leaderboards.

Final Thoughts
Perfect Slice HD has an attractive art style and straight forward game play that makes it nice and accessible. For 1.99c its not a lot of $ for an iPad game with HD graphics so why not give it a go. Download via iTunes now.


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Perfect Slice HD
Developer: Curious Bit
Category: Games
Updated: Jul 01, 2011
Price: $1.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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