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Rush down that rollercoaster slope

Posted by AppBite Team
Rollercoaster Rush - Digital Chocolate

Rollercoaster Rush iPhone App Review.

The iPhone game from the developers of Crazy Penguin Catapult, Digital Chocolate, Rollercoaster Rush offers you the ride of your life as you control a rollercoaster down, up and around un-easy slopes, trying not to crash it and kill-off the riders, and striving for that great experience only a rollercoaster can get you.

Just like with Crazy Penguin, you advance on a top-viewed map, from location to location, as the rides increase in difficulty. You are put in control of a rollercoaster and the entire idea behind the game is to speed up and slow down by tapping on the two side buttons at the bottom of the screen. The different rides have increasingly difficult and unexpected elements such as loop-da-loops, long drops and tight curves, all challenge your ability to react fast and break to prevent the carts from crashing or speed up to jump over the whole in the tracks up ahead. If you go too fast, your ride will crash and you can see the riders parachute off just in time. Game over. But you're trying to offer them the best experience possible, and speeding is the only way to do that. Give them a good thrill and they scream and are generally happy, and you get those needed points to advance to the next level. The goal is to turn those smileys from the riders into points and get a high star rating at the end of the ride and eventually move on to the next level on the map.

Rollercoaster Rush in its full version offers 70 levels of game play to enjoy, but the issue is its linear style of game experience. Once you've played the first couple of levels, don't expect much more to happen afterwards. You're in for the same experience, on every other ride, the only thing that's different is the background. But, as interestingly designed as levels are, and the good graphics, if you don't have the game in your blood after the first 10 levels, then don't expect to be surprised by the next 10.

The levels are relatively short, so you're able to play the game while waiting in line at the meat-market, but it won't provide the same experience you'd have with a more entertaining and captivating game like Crazy Penguin. Granted, Rollercoaster Rush is not one of Digital Chocolate's best, but it's definitely worth looking into, and if you were ever into rollercoaster rides, then it's a definite enjoyment for you to control one and swoop from track to track. It's going for $0.99 in the AppStore.


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Rollercoaster Rush

Developer: Digital Chocolate
Category: Games
Updated: July 6th, 2010
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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