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uArt - Gillete

uArt iPhone App Review.

You're in front of the mirror, razor blade in one hand, shaving cream in the other, and still undecided. Should you take down that beard or not? Well, the new iPhone app from Gillete can help you make the right decision without having to sacrifice that splendid mustache you've been grooming for the past couple of years.

uArt is the new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch meant to be both funny and convincing in matters related to the right type of facial hair, allowing for a virtual makeover right on the spot. The app mechanism is simple enough. Just load up a picture of you or your friend without any facial hair, or take one on the spot. Apply the desired type of facial hair (we recommend you start with the maximum amount possible, to increase the fun when shaving it). Color it to match the hair color, or go crazy and die it in full pink. When you're satisfied with the result, choose Gillete Fusion and start shaving away by either tapping the screen in the desired location to remove hair, or sliding up and down and sideways. No experience is needed and a cut is definitely out of the question. When you're done, save it to your favorites, and then email it to a friend.

uArt lets you play around with your non-existent facial hair, grow it, shorten it, and when you don't like it anymore, shave it off. The app is not meant just to have some fun with your friends when going out, and no, putting beards on girls is not what Gillete thought of when developing it. Instead, besides its clear marketing and advertising target, the team at Gillete wants you to experience what it would be like to look all rugged or clean-shaven. It's up to you to decide what suits you best, and that's what the iPhone app is clearly doing better than others. Instead of allowing you to add bits of hair in specific places on your face, it lets you model you hair in the exact shape you want it.

A careful note though. I would have definitely wanted to see a couple of options featured in this app, such as a "Reset" button (to go back to your original picture, unedited) and a "Undo" option that lets you undo that previous shave. This would be of course to increase the user experience, but what I can think of is that Gillete wanted it to be a lot more real than it needed to be for a virtual makeover, as in real-life, you wouldn't be able to undo and not get cut. All in all, the iPhone app does an awesome job for those wannabe barbers that aim for the next artistic look for their customers, and even for the regular user, still undecided about his facial hair.


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Developer: Aim Proximity
Category: Lifestyle
Updated: October 19th, 2009
Price: FREE
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3 / 5

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