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Mix Beats With iPhone’s Figure App

By Bogdan Lazar   February - 7 - 2013    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   No Comments

I don’t know about you, but when I was young I believed that I could become anything I wanted. And back then, I really wanted to become a rapper. Hells to the yeah, yo! So I tried my hand at creating some beats with Fruity Loops, but everything was so wickedly complex that I soon gave up. It’s only now that I’m older that I realize it wasn’t me. It was the software. And it’s because of Figure that I can say proudly: I’m not a rapper, but I can pull out some nice beats with just my iPhone. So if you have a couple of minutes and want to bust out some nice grooves, check out Figure on the AppStore!

Figure is an iOS app that lets you create music. Pure and simple. Open the app and you can immediately figure out (no pun intended) what you have to do. The app consists of three instruments: a drum machine, bass and lead synths. Combine these [...]

Warren Charles Releases Accompanying iPhone App To Their Head In The Clouds Album

By Bogdan Lazar   January - 23 - 2013    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   No Comments

A couple of years ago, we witnessed what was perhaps one of the most creative ways for an artist to promote his work. Jay-Z in co-operation with Bing have released parts of the artist’s book (an exploration of his life and lyrics) as part of an interactive campaign. Pages of the book were physically placed around the world and it was up to the fans to locate them. It was a very creative combination of technology and the physical world aimed at promoting the artist and his work. Although the AppStore was not a part of this endevour, we’ve seen artists in the past release iPhone apps that would try to combine technology and their work for self promotion. Today, we’re exploring one more such app, from Los Angeles based rock band Warren Charles, through which they aim to promote their new album [...]

O Youtube, Youtube! Wherefore Art Thou Youtube?

By Bogdan Lazar   December - 21 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   No Comments

Since Apple’s iOS6 upgrade, users have had to deal with the Maps conspiracy, but not a lot of people actually paid attention to Youtube being removed as a pre-installed app on their devices. It seemed to me like a silly move from Apple, an attempt to set back Google a few months by removing all their preinstalled apps from users’ devices. Google did come back with a Maps app that got approved by the Apple review team last week. They also released an Youtube app, even before the Maps app, but not a lot of people have been happy with it. This includes yours truly. I believe the native app is inferior to its web app counterpart.

As you would expect from Google, the design for their native app is fantastic. You can enjoy Youtube’s video catalog, search for videos or channels (voice search included), read comments and browser related videos. Sign in [...]

Enhance Your Video Sharing Experience With ClipClock

By Maria Poeana   December - 18 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   No Comments

When it comes to video sharing, there are two groups of people: the ones who share, and the others who re-share. The people in the first group are those extremely passionate video watchers, who are always the first to share the newest, trendiest videos. And the others are…well, most of us are the others, who learn about these videos from friends, and rarely discover them ourselves. But here comes an app that takes video sharing to a whole new level through video clipping. This is ClipClock, and you can find it in the AppStore.

ClipClock allows you to clip and share parts of the videos you like the most. And also enjoy other users’ clips. But, that’s not its only function. With ClipClock, you get to watch just the type of videos you like. It gives you access to your friends’ latest video shares. And, you can film and share your own [...]

The $1 Billion iPhone App That Has No Revenue And Is Free To Download

By Bogdan Lazar   December - 15 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   No Comments

It allows, neh, it empowers users to share their photos, their Kodak moments, their memories, if you will, with the world. Its community counts over 80 million users and its Facebook-acquisition has been the talk of the tech world. Its AppStore description reads on the first line simply: Instagram.

For those of you who’ve lived under a rock for the last two years, Instagram is the iPhone app to have with you if you’re into photography and sharing your photos. Although it currently has strong competition from the likes of Flickr and 500px, Instagram is still the app on everyone’s lips and its name is still the source of inspiration for so-many Insta-apps in the AppStore.

It’s dead easy to use. Open the app, create your free account, and start taking pictures. Tap the camera button in the middle of the tab bar, snap a picture or pick one from the Camera roll and choose from a multitude of beautiful filters [...]

Real Time Photo Editing With Cinema-trix

By Maria Poeana   December - 11 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   No Comments

When I bought my first camera, I was really excited to see what else it can do besides taking regular pictures. I remember being in awe when finding out I could take black and white, and sepia pictures. And, years later, when I could do the same with my phone camera, it almost seemed too good to be true. Today, not only can you change the color of your pictures, but you can add all sorts of effects using one of the many photo apps available in the AppStore. And Cinema-trix is just this type of app, that makes modifying your pictures so easy, and so fun, that it’s almost unbelievable to see just how much technology evolved over the years.

Cinema-trix offers you a large range of visual effects to add to your pictures and videos. But what makes it even more interesting is that, instead of being able to modify your pictures after taking [...]

Get Control of Your Music Downloads from your iPhone

By Bogdan Lazar   November - 3 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Music & Photo   No Comments

If purchasing music from iTunes got old and using your computer to download free songs and transferring them to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch got tiresome, have a closer look at Free Music Donwload Pro +, the iOS app which will essentially take out the middle man in the process of downloading that free music onto your iPhone.

That’s right! Forget about using your computer’s browser to get your daily dose of free downloads and then transferring those songs onto your iDevice. With Free Music Download Pro, you can just as well use the app’s built in browser to download those same songs right onto your device.

The process is as simple as it is painless. Open up the app and use the built in web browser to navigate to the websites that allow you to download their music, videos or tunes. Once you locate the [...]