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Let The Dark Echo Of Your Footsteps Guide You To Your Escape

By Maria Poeana   March - 23 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments

Imagine being all alone, in a dark room, with creepy noises surrounding you with every step you take. You need to get out. But how can you find the exit fast enough, before the creepy sounds catch on to you, and you are dead? Sounds pretty terrifying, right? Well, that’s exactly how playing Dark Echo feels like. App of the Week in the App Store. And one of the best, most engaging, and thrilling games I have ever played.

Dark Echo is absolutely brilliant. I have never imagined a creepy background tune and a couple of lines on the screen could ever be so scary. Because that’s all there is to it. Darko Echo proves that sometimes less is more with this exceptional game. You don’t see who is following you, or who is creeping in the shadow, waiting for you to make your next move. You don’t have to find hidden messages, and solve mind-boggling puzzles. You just have to walk to [...]

Star Wars: Card Trader Brings Back Childhood Memories

By Maria Poeana   March - 19 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments

When we were kids, long before touch-screen devices were one of our main sources of entertainment, all we needed to have fun was a piece of chalk, and a sidewalk to draw on. A simple board game, and a dice. An elastic string to jump up and down. Cards, stickers, and stamps to collect and trade. So, if I were to describe Star Wars: Card Trader using just one word, this would be childhood. Because that’s exactly what this app reminded me of: childhood. And I totally loved it!

Star Wars: Card Trader is exactly what you’d expect it to be, judging by its name: an app that brings card collecting and trading to your touch-screen device. And not just any cards. But Star War Cards. Weather you choose to join the Jedi Force, or go to the Dark Side, Star Wars: Card Trader has over 1,000 officially-licensed Star Wars digital cards for you to collect, and trade.

The currency [...]

8bit Doves: Amazingly Awful or Awfully Amazing?

By Maria Poeana   March - 17 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments

The App Store is home to all types of games you can imagine. Battle-based, shooters, mix and match, build and collect, puzzle, mystery…and 8bit Doves. 8bit Doves is something else. Something that I can’t yet categorize. It’s amazing, fun, challenging, and absolutely a must-have game. That is if you enjoyed playing Flappy Bird, and other similar game. But the most horrible user experience ever, if you don’t enjoy this sort of games. And it’s App of the Week in the App Store.

I don’t enjoy Flappy Bird sort of games. I don’t enjoy building, and collecting games either. But I can appreciate a game’s assets when I see them. Building, and collecting games are awful time wasters, and that’s the main reason why I don’t like them. But what makes them time wasters is that they are so catchy, you just can’t stop clearing one quest after another. And doing [...]

Forge: From Idea To Final Sketch

By Bogdan Lazar   March - 16 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   No Comments

When a hobby becomes something that you take all the way to a professional level, it’s harder, and harder to buy the necessary tools you need, without spending a fortune. Your drums you bought a year ago on E-bay are no longer quite enough to get the sound that you’re looking for. And nor is an ordinary sewing machine, a pair of scissors, or just a pen and a paper, when you want to deliver a professional result. Your talent is still the most important part of the mix. But you need a tool to match up your talent, as well. And when it comes to sketching, the people at Adonit think they’ve got the perfect tool for developing sketch-artists.

Forge takes you step by step from the first line you trace on the paper to the final project you’re ready to share with the world. Import an image to inspire you, and use it as a template for your future project. Or start everything [...]

Noteworthy Free Games this Week: Ups & Downs

By Maria Poeana   March - 9 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments
Blood & Glory: Immortals icon

Thirsty for an engaging battle-based challenge this week? Then, search no more, because Blood & Glory: Immortals is exactly what you’re looking for.

Ups: Blood & Glory: Immortals is an extremely catchy battle-based game. Your job is to control your hero in his battle to save the world from vengeful Gods. So, you’ll have some pretty nasty creatures to face, and destroy. But, you also have all sorts of special attacks you can use, depending on the hero you choose to master: warlock, gladiator, or barbarian. Plus, as you win battles, you collect all sorts of cool stuff you can trade, or combine to get more powerful items to equip your character. Also, you can unlock new skills, as you go along the game. Or, you can learn them, by paying in gems. The graphics are very cool, and the gameplay, quite intuitive. I really liked the GO button that keeps popping on the screen [...]

YouTube Kids Knows What Your Kid Should Be Watching

By Maria Poeana   March - 4 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments

I always say that when I’ll have a kid, TV will be more of a one-hour, recreational thing, than a full-time occupation. And watching my sister grow-up with all sorts of shows that I never really though were quite age-appropriate has only made my decision stronger. So, it’s really nice when you come across an app that instantly solves the inappropriate content problem that you, as a parent, probably worry about all day. This is YouTube Kids. And I must admit that, even I, as a grown-up, had quite a lot of fun exploring it.

The creators of YouTube Kids have searched, and prepared a large collection of age-appropriate videos for your child to enjoy, while you can take comfort in knowing exactly what your child is watching. Shows, Music, Learning, and an Explore Menu. That’s what YouTube Kids has to offer. Each Menu, with dozens of [...]

Noteworthy Free Games this Week: Ups & Downs

By Maria Poeana   March - 4 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments
Agent Alice icon

Looking to solve some mysteries this week? Then Agent Alice has got a case for you!

Ups: Agent Alice is one of those games you will just not be able to stop playing until it’s done. Especially if you’re the type who just can’t leave a mystery unsolved. It’s really engaging. And with every new clue you discover, you witness how the entire story unravels before you. The tasks are really quick, and quite easy to complete. So the pace of the game is really fast, and that only makes it more engaging, and fun. It’s like a boost of energy that just keeps you going, and going.

And I really liked that you can earn the things you need to go on playing. You need energy to look for clues, but even when you run out of all the energy packs you win along the way, in time, your energy bar fills up again. And you need stars to examine [...]