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Create Comic Strips Of You And Your Friends With Bitstrips

By Maria Poeana   February - 27 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments

When you want to have fun, you go out with your friends. You watch a comedy movie. You listen all night long to the jokes your special someone makes, because they are so funny, you just can’t resist laughing. But sometimes, all you need to have a lot of fun is just your phone, and a good app on it. Like Bitstrips. Guaranteed, long-lasting fun.

Bitstrips helps you create comics where you and your friends can be the stars. It sounds pretty cool, right? That’s because, it really is. Imagine a social network where, instead of going through all sorts of random music, film, opinion, or God knows what other post, you discover really amazing comics. Comics of your friends, describing their mood, or some important event that happened in their lives that day. Or just pure fiction. And not [...]

Noteworthy Free Games this Week: Ups & Downs

By Maria Poeana   February - 24 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments
AdVenture Capitalist! icon

You need to spend money to make money. That is the basic principle behind AdVenture capitalist! And if it sounds like something you might agree with, then this is a must-have game for you this week.

Ups: AdVenture capitalist! is something else than what you regularly find each week scrolling through the list of new games in the App Store. The goal of the game is pretty basic: your job is to sell and buy stuff, until you basically drop. You start out with selling lemons, and try to make your way to owning top selling oil companies. With AdVenture capitalist! you can literally be a millionaire over night, as long as you tap, tap, tap. Tap to spend money to improve your business, or start a new one. Tap to collect money. Tap to hire managers, make upgrades, and buy all sorts of cool boosts. All these actions, along with attracting [...]

Duet Game Is A Challenge You’re Going To Remember

By Maria Poeana   February - 23 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments

Duet Game iPhone Game Review.

If I only had one word to describe Duet Game, this would probably be musical. Although music doesn’t really have anything to do with the gameplay, the soothing musical background is the first thing that draws the player’s attention, even before starting to play the game. It’s relaxing. And it feels [...]

Noteworthy Free Games this Week: Ups & Downs

By Maria Poeana   February - 20 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments
Staying Together icon

Valentine’s Day may be over. But the time is always right for loving, and playing a smart, strategic game. And Staying Together is the perfect combination between the two.

Ups: Staying Together is an extremely strategic puzzle game, wrapped up in a beautiful love story. And that’s what I loved most about it: it is pure strategy. Your job is to control two characters at the same time, the ultimate goal being to bring them together, at a certain check point, both safe and sound. And although it might look really easy at first, as they both have pretty much the same obstacles to face on their way to one another, things get a lot more complicated when their paths change. Mostly because you must always bare in mind that, since they are coming from opposite directions to meet each other, what is left for one, is right for the second, and the other way [...]

It’s Never Too Early For Your Kid To Become A Chef With Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2

By Maria Poeana   February - 15 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments

They say it’s never too late to learn something. Well, apparently, it’s never too early either. Today’s children don’t only have all sorts of apps, games, and other tools to help them learn how to read, or write. Now, all these educational apps are aimed at discovering and developing all sorts of hidden talents that you child might have. So, if you think cooking is something your kid might be passionate about, then he’ll be absolutely bewitched by Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2.

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2 doesn’t necessarily teach your child what to do in the kitchen, but it rather allows him to put his creativity to the test in the kitchen. And not just that. Because Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2 is that type of game where the player is in charge for pretty much everything. Set the cute, animated zoo characters at the table. Pay attention to what they would like to eat. Pick out the ingredients. Cut them, scrape them, boil, cook [...]

Be My Valentine Apps

By Maria Poeana   February - 13 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   1 Comment
Paperless Post icon

You have some romantic getaway, dinner, or movie night prepared for your better half? Then, make the invitation as romantic as what you have planed. Don’t just tell your special someone: how about eating pizza in bed, and watching a romantic movie this evening? Instead, put your card writing skills at work. The rest is provided by Paperless Post.

Paperless Post inspires you to write the most beautiful cards. It’s got a huge list of beautiful cards to choose from, for any occasion you can imagine. Scroll through the card list, and pick your favorite. Or, optimize your search by choosing the material, color, category, shape, photo, designer or price of the card you are looking for. Once you’ve made up your mind, put down your thoughts, or let yourself inspired by the pre-written message of your card. Pick a nice [...]

Midnight Rises Changes The Way We Read Comics

By Maria Poeana   February - 11 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   No Comments

We all see the DC and Marvel Comic Book inspired movies every year. The Box Office numbers are living proof of just how popular these movies are. But how long has it been since you last read a Comic? I know watching the movie is a lot more fun, engaging, and action packed. But with today’s technology, comics aren’t what they used to be, either. They may not yet be as engaging as the movie, with its special effects, and top rated actors. But they’re not anymore just about reading, either. And Midnight Rises is the perfect example of a modern graphic novel.

Midnight Rises is an interactive graphic novel. So, reading the story, doesn’t only mean you get to find out its twist and turns, but you also unlock all sorts of interesting items. From special packs containing additional info about the characters, to all [...]